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If you're worried your bad workplace is making you a worse person, you may be right. Researchers from the University of Illinois recently introduced a new model examining how chronic workplace stress can fundamentally change people's personalities — and predictably, it isn't for the better. According to the researchers, previous studies on workplace behaviour largely operated on the premise that personalities are fixed. Hire someone kind, they'll make the workplace kinder. Hire a jerk, they'll bring jerk energy to the role. It's all fairly logical.

Constantly stressed at work? It might actually be changing your personality.

Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs: A Review of Recent Literature | NBER

Alix Spiegel. Editor's note: This is an excerpt from the latest episode of the Invisibilia podcast and program, which is broadcast on participating public radio stations. This story contains language that some may find offensive. This is the story of a prisoner who committed a horrible crime and says he's no longer the same person who did it. It's also the story of why it's so hard for us to believe him.

Person–situation debate

The person—situation debate in personality psychology refers to the controversy concerning whether the person or the situation is more influential in determining a person's behavior. Personality trait psychologists believe that a person's personality is relatively consistent across situations. The debate is also an important discussion when studying social psychology, as both topics address the various ways a person could react to a given situation. Interest in determining whether there were any generalities in behavior began in the s and 30s. In , Walter Mischel published a book called Personality and Assessment claiming that behavior is too cross-situationally inconsistent to be classified with personality traits.
The desire to alter personality is not uncommon. Shy people might wish they were more outgoing and talkative. Hot-tempered individuals might wish they could keep their cool in emotionally charged situations. Is it really possible to change your personality, or are our basic personality patterns fixed throughout life?
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