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The movie the Great Debaters can teach us many things about the value of rhetoric. The dictionary definition of rhetoric is, the study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion. So a movie that deals with a group of young black college students fighting for rights can teach us a great deal of things. First off these students, instead of fighting with riots and their fists used words. They began against the top Negro college in the state of Texas and eventually worked their way up to the Harvard University. Harvard had won league championships multiple times and these students from a small Wiley college, while undefeated were still unproven.

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Good communicators are successful leaders and businessmen. She had to go up against great odds in order to secure her inclusion into the debate team. However, she was undaunted because it was her dream to become a lawyer. She says that the debate team will help her improve her oratorical or public speaking skills.

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The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enforcing racial segregation in the southern United States. The film tells the story of a debate team that has little thought of winning a national championship or even becoming a great debate team. The first…. To conclude, Bradley establishes her situated audience as being opposed to segregation because of their recognition with the NAACP but formats her speech through the usage of empathy.
Martin Luther King Jr. Their speeches were given several decades apart, but talked about the same social issues that come from deep-rooted racism. Both of them used rhetoric that challenged the majority opinion around them. Atticus Finch was a lawyer that had to be exploitive if he wanted to win cases.
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