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John Marshall was hired by Swiss-American John Sutter to oversee the construction and maintenance of a sawmill on Sutter's land. On the fateful morning of January 24, , Marshall Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved.

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With many small towns in the middle of nowhere, few people showed interest in such a place until the winter of When tons of gold was discovered, it brought on one of the biggest migrations the United States had ever seen. It changed the country. From the wild stories of men striking it big, to the heart wrenching tales of people losing everything, these are what make it so alluring. There are many aspects of the California Gold Rush; effects on California; individual stories of struggle; and effects on the United States as a young country looking for stability. San Francisco was a small town of a few hundred. The California gold rush began on January 24, , in the Sacramento Valley.

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The gold rush helped California industrialize. It is well known that industrialization in America started in the east. However, the gold rush was the reason why California industrialized much faster than the east. With the technological improvements, that the gold rush demands it helped California industrialize much faster. James Marshall first discovered gold on January 24 on the south fork of the American river.
The Gold Rush played a very important role in the social development of America, which in the political, economic, cultural and other aspects. Promoting American Economic Development The Gold Rush utterly changed American appearance: a large number of immigrants appeared; large quantities of barren lands were reclaimed; a lot of gold miner were set up; the development of agriculture in west provided a large amount of food, material and domestic market on industrial development; nature resources were opened up to develop industries. And trade and transportation had got new leaps. At first, When San Francisco newspaper printed this discovery. In January of , a carpenter in California made a discovery that changed the history of North America, 2 cold nuggets.
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