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Edward Teach c. Blackbeard was a skilled pirate and businessman, who knew how to recruit and keep men, intimidate his enemies, and use his fearsome reputation to his best advantage. Blackbeard preferred to avoid fighting if he could, but he and his men were deadly fighters when they needed to be. He was killed on November 22, , by English sailors and soldiers sent to find him. Blackbeard was born Edward Thache Jr.

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He captured a minimum of forty ships in his career. His reign as a pirate lasted for two years. He was a very successful pirate although there were some that were better than him like Charles Vane.
In the autumn of , a vessel under the command of Edward Teach reached the Delaware Bay, laden with loot stolen from merchant ships plying the Atlantic coast. Complaints were lodged by his victims in letters to British colonial leaders. Hotly pursued by authorities, Blackbeard slipped up the Delaware River to Burlington City, disembarked and found a spot not far from shore to stash his loot. Then he and his crew slipped down river and out to sea to continue marauding. The story captivated Angelo Collazo, who moved to town in with his wife.
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