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The federal government has a variety of rules and regulations that apply to school lunches. These mandates are designed to make sure that healthy lunches are available in school, but in reality, what ends up on a child's plate isn't always nutritious. A junk meal or two won't have a permanent impact on a child, but eating unhealthy lunches for years can take a seriously negative toll on both mental and physical health. In early , the U. Changes included counting fruits and vegetables as separate meal groups, offering fruit every day, making half of grain choices whole grains, giving different grades different meal sizes and reducing sodium and trans fat in meals. However, not all schools implement the NSLP and not all students eat the healthier choices schools do provide.

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Writing Prompts for 5th Graders

For some schools, lunches lack in many different categories from visual pleasure to taste. There are many reasons on why the school is taking. The nutrition level of these meals is extremely low. Most foods are fried, extremely greasy, carbohydrate loaded, high in sugar, or have a plethora of calories. Which are all extremely unhealthy and lead to high fat storage, heart disease, and obesity. Fixing the school lunches to have a more positive impact on the kids life will be hard because most schools are sponsored.

School lunch debt and lunch shaming is a problem that needs a national solution

Countless movies and television shows poke fun at the abundance of unidentifiable foods and lack of nutrition that can show up on cafeteria trays across the nation. While school meals have changed significantly in the past few decades, they still have a long way to go before they can truly be considered nutritious and healthy meals. According to McGuire, our school meals are still too narrow and contain more sodium and fat than is recommended pp.
Fast food in schools: healthy or not? Could you imagine if your favorite fast food restaurants were offered at your school? Whether you want french fries and burgers, or fresh salads and sandwiches, you could have that choice! Parent should explain to their children that choosing a healthier, more nutritious lunch will give them enough energy to have a productive school day and after school activities.
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