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When Jojo discovers Elsa in their house, he threatens to tell the authorities, but Elsa tells him that if he does, the Gestapo will likely kill his mother for hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Thus, Jojo must keep his silence about Elsa's presence in his house. This is one instance of dramatic irony because the viewer knows about Elsa while the Nazis whom Jojo sees every day do not. Additionally, Jojo and Elsa do not tell Rosie that Jojo knows about her, so Rosie goes on believing that she is keeping Elsa a secret from Jojo, while the viewer knows this is not the case. Many children are known to have imaginary friends, but what is notable about Jojo's is that his imaginary friend is one of the most infamous figures in Western history: Adolf Hitler, known for his totalitarian regime and his political party's mass extermination of Jews, homosexuals, non-white individuals, and others. Jojo is only 10 years old, and cannot quite grasp the magnitude of what is going on in his country.

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