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We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process. In the digital media age, a paper resume might seem redundant as employers review their applicants online. Your experiences may matter most, but how you present that information also makes a difference.

Resume Tips: What to Bring to a Job Interview

Resume Tips: What to Bring to a Job Interview

The goal of a resume is to tell the story of your experiences as they relate to a specific job description. See our sample resumes for formatting guidelines and ideas. Often those experiences will be jobs and internships. They might also be extra-curricular activities or coursework. You might divide your experiences into two different categories—based on skills or experience in a particular industry—if doing so helps you make a stronger case for your candidacy. For instance, you might devote a section of your resume to your experiences in a particular industry. If you create multiple experience sections on your resume, list the entries in each section in reverse chronological order most recent first.

Is Resume Paper Passé? Do You Need that Hard Copy After All?

A resume is a summary of a person's experiences and skills relevant to the field they are currently working in or wish to find employment in. It's the first step in a job application process. A paper resume is typed, then printed on paper. The format is easy to read and appealing to the reader. An electronic resume is saved on a computer and sent to a potential employer through email, or downloaded into an organizaton's application database on the Internet.
The first impression that potential employers will get about you is your resume. Before they even have a chance to read about your job experience, educational history and skills, your future employer will see and touch the paper. Just as the wording used on the resume is important, the type of paper it is printed on is important as well.
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