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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. World History The Islamic Revolution started circa and lasted until The absolute monarchist Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi led an era of authoritarian regime which allowed violence and oppression of the people. The aftermath of the Islamic Revolution , headed by Ayatollah Khomeini, included the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the region and a theocratic government similar to the previous authoritarian regime. The nationalism movement occurred deep within the population of Iran and involved the citizens of the country itself. Many of the different ethnic groups present in the nation included the Persians, Kurds, Gilakis, Mazdandaranis, Lurs, and Baluchis.

Iranian Revolution: Operation Ajax

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This is not the case for Iran. Since the revolution, Iran has been economically, politically, and socially unstable. With an economy dependent on oil, a natural source whose production is unpredictable, stability is simply unattainable. With the same leader for a long period of time, not much can change politically. Oppositions and revolts can happen and disrupt the social lives of Iranian citizens. Although the Iranian Revolution was politically successful.

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Shi'a clergy or Ulama have historically had a significant influence in Iran. The clergy first showed themselves to be a powerful political force in opposition to Iran's monarch with the Tobacco Protest boycott that effectively destroyed an unpopular concession granted by the shah giving a British company a monopoly over buying and selling Tobacco in Iran. To some the incident demonstrated that the Shia ulama were "Iran's first line of defense" against colonialism.
Introduction The Iranian Revolution of was one of the most significant and ambivalent events in the history of XX century. The abdication of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and the establishment of Islamic Republic were declared as the main results of this political phenomenon. On the eve of revolution, they have gained the massive.
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