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Fill in the form below so we can explore ways to reach your goals or call us at As more large companies begin to embark upon audacious transformation plans and set up innovation teams, more corporate professionals are being introduced to a world in which terms like design thinking, lean, agile, pivot, experiment, fail, adapt and so on are used almost interchangeably. Many fall victim to the law of the instrument bias and after attending a one day design thinking workshop, load all of their eggs into that one basket, maintaining a firm belief that design thinking is the silver bullet solution for their innovation woes, but as I detailed in a previous blog post, design thinking is only one step in the process. With that, I often get asked by professionals new to the space what the difference between design thinking, the lean startup and agile is and the answer forms the basis for this article. Brainstorming in its traditional sense is perhaps one of the worst ways to come up with ideas. However, by bringing together the right people, creating the right environment and using the right tools, we can drastically improve the outcomes of such initiatives.

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Fill in the form below so we can explore ways to reach your goals or call us at Think your organisation is too big, bureaucratic and over-regulated to apply lean startup? Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup , a new solution development methodology that has radically transformed the way startups get products to market, approached GE with a simple question, after introducing a group of stakeholders to the philosophy that was rooted in software development. Eric was brought in and taught the teams how to apply the methodology. As soon as team members returned to their respective business units, their ideas and new ways of working were quickly squashed.

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RSS Feed. Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of Startup Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned. Home Bio Contact. Thursday, August 20, It's time for lean philanthropy: a case study.
I met Ajay a couple of weeks ago at a Lean Startup Machine weekend seminar. And Ajay and his team made some incredible progress on validating their startup idea over the weekend. Check out the highlights of the interview or listen to the interview here.
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