Soil nailing research paper

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Soil nailing seminar report by ankush choudhury

It is unique to natural areas called peatlands , bogs , mires , moors , or muskegs. In natural peatlands, the "annual rate of biomass production is greater than the rate of decomposition", but it takes "thousands of years for peatlands to develop the deposits of 1. The biological features of sphagnum mosses act to create a habitat aiding peat formation, a phenomenon termed 'habitat manipulation'. Peat forms in wetland conditions, where flooding or stagnant water obstructs the flow of oxygen from the atmosphere, slowing the rate of decomposition. Peatlands, particularly bogs , are the primary source of peat; [10] although less-common wetlands including fens , pocosins , and peat swamp forests also deposit peat.


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