Literature review of nanotechnology

The goal of the experiment is to synthesize a bromohexane compound from 1-hexene and HBr aq under reflux conditions and use the silver nitrate and sodium iodide tests to determine if the product is a primary or secondary hydrocarbon. Heating under reflux means that the reaction mixture is heated at its boiling point so that the reaction can proceed at a faster rate. The attached reflux condenser allows volatile substances to return to the reaction flask so that no material is lost. Since alkenes are immiscible with concentrated HBr, tetrabutylammonium bromide is used as a phase-transfer catalyst. As we know acid reacts with bubbles when combined with sodium bicarbonate.


What are the Possible Dangers of Nanotechnology?

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Peer reviewed Direct link. Background: In this era of rapid technical advancement, there are growing debates around the idea of nanotechnology, which are both timely and controversial. Nanotechnology materials are being utilized in our daily lives in many ways, often without consumer knowledge. Due to the explosion of nanotechnology applications, there is a necessity to update school science curricula by integrating nanotechnology-related concepts that are both relevant and meaningful to students. The integration of nanotechnology in school science curricula comes in response to nanoscientific development and our mission as educators to instill and arouse students' curiosity in learning about both what is and what will be more dominantly occupying the marketplace. Purpose: The purpose of this review was to set a baseline for the current work being conducted in moving nanotechnology-based activities into the school science setting.

Role of Nanotechnology in Cosmeceuticals: A Review of Recent Advances

The history of nanotechnology traces the development of the concepts and experimental work falling under the broad category of nanotechnology. Although nanotechnology is a relatively recent development in scientific research, the development of its central concepts happened over a longer period of time. The emergence of nanotechnology in the s was caused by the convergence of experimental advances such as the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope in and the discovery of fullerenes in , with the elucidation and popularization of a conceptual framework for the goals of nanotechnology beginning with the publication of the book Engines of Creation.
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