Case study of xiaomi company

Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company that focuses on independent research and development of high-end smartphones. Three years after being founded, Xiaomi now has more than Xiaomi knew that in order to succeed in the competitive smartphone industry, the company needed to differentiate itself in two ways: by providing content services for its users and building a sustainable, global business. According to Yongbin Li, IT Infrastructure Manager at Xiaomi, content services have become an important driver for consumer satisfaction, along with excellence in product design, hardware configuration, and pricing.

Xiaomi Entering International Markets Harvard Case Study Solution & Online Case Analysis

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Introduction In this case we get an entire scenario about how the Japan deflation set in, what were the effects of the deflation on the economy as well as on the people of Japan. It also mentions about the various reasons because of which Japan was in such a tight grip of Deflation, Depression, Demographics and Debts Guides us through the steps taken by the government in order to curb this deflation. Imparts a great knowledge to us about the various economic terms like deflation, self-liquidating credit, Non-Self Liquidating Credit and how the people and economy of a country is affected by these. Free markets economies are subject to cycles. Economic cycles consist of fluctuating periods of economic expansion and contraction as measured by a nation's gross domestic product GDP.

Case Study of Xiaomi

Advertising is the number one factor when communicating to customers informing them about the brands available and the variety of products offered to them MSG. Although the company AllStar leads the market in OTC cold and allergy, better advertisements can help the company to gain an even greater percentage of its market segment. Focusing on advertisement, the MMT will also work with the companies direct and indirect sales force to ensure that the brand gets eye-catching placement on.
After identifying its market prospect, it is important that the company analyze and understand its selected market segments. However in the global trade there are many risks. The companies must ensure that they are capable of overcoming possible risks and they will be able to achieve success. One way of doing this is by analyzing the environment the companies wish to invest on. Creating an initial interaction with the consumer is key in developing a long term relationship.
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