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The new game is less about wild coitus and cheap thrills and is instead designed to create genuine, deep chats around what intimacy, connection, consent and good sex means. With ReFlex Sex hitting dining room tables and bedsides across the country, I caught up with Lil to get to the marrow of the new deck, why it exists and how we can get the most out of the game. So I put my head down and tried to write as many sex-centric questions about sex, pleasure, consent, STI, fantasy and the industry. What exactly does that mean or sound like to you? Conversations about sex are often so prescriptive and performative. People often confuse crude or crass sex talk with open, honest conversation.

Critical Thinking & Logic

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As such, every teacher is looking for exciting ways to integrate it into classrooms. It means formulating your own opinions and drawing your conclusions regardless of outside influence. You can use these techniques for teaching critical thinking skills in every lesson and subject. Get creative and find different ways to incorporate them into your teaching practices. Pro Tip: If you are working remotely, as many teachers and parents are nowadays, you can easily adapt these activities to work within a virtual setting.

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