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Buchanan Fitzgerald Jay Gatsby is a man who has just become one of the wealthiest men in New York and claimed to have received his money from his "wealthy", but dead relatives. Tom Buchanan is a man who was born into wealth and has always had money and what he has wanted since birth, unlike Gatsby. Throughout the novel the reader is introduced to Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan's affairs,. George Sand was a French Romantic writer known primarily for her so-called rustic novels. In the The Great Gatsby, many people argue that the story is a romantic-type story with the affection of love that is shown with different links with each character.

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If morals are only true in the cultural context they are found in then individuals have no need to strongly defend those morals. People only face the obligation to be moral in accordance to their cultural norms as long as these systems serve the people. Viewing morals as nothing more than cultural norms promotes tolerance towards foreign viewpoints because viewing one 's own moral perspective not as an absolute truth but rather as simply the way things are done around here cause there to be no need to firmly defend one 's morals. The undermining of moral confidence caused by relativism is not a defect of the theory but rather a benefit because moral confidence isn 't always a beneficial. Confidence in an ideal can lead to arrogance. Vonnegut includes this irony to extend up on the injustice of war. He is showing the absurdity of war through the absurd death of the Hobo.

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There are three different murders in The Great Gatsby. Most of these murders happened as a consequence of the love affairs that happened throughout the book. Two love affairs in particular are a cause for all three of these murders. Scott Fitzgerald, that the character Jay Gatsby meets a rather unjust death at the end of the story. After a lifetime of doing everything within his power to regain his love, Daisy Buchanan, he failed with his dream mere inches from his fingertips.
Please join StudyMode to read the full document. This quote is pertinent to F. The novel presents a time of wealth, corruption and yearning, allowing the characters to experience a reckless lifestyle.
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